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how to repair audio drivers

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Here is how to fix generic audio driver via Bit Driver Updater:

  1. Do tap on the download button below to introduce the Bit Driver Updater on your system.
  2. Then, trigger the tool on your system and click on the Scan button to process scanning.
  3. Wait until it gets over and provide you with a list of drivers that requires an update.
  4. Next, find Sound, Video, and Game Controllers, then locate the problematic audio driver.

Fix sound or audio problems in Windows
  1. Check your speaker output. ...
  2. Run the audio troubleshooter. ...
  3. Verify that all Windows Updates are installed. ...
  4. Check your cables, plugs, jacks, volume, speaker, and headphone connections. ...
  5. Check sound settings. ...
  6. Fix your audio drivers. ...
  7. Set your audio device as the default device.

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How do you uninstall and reinstall sound driver?

Reinstall Audio Driver Windows 10 through Control Panel

  1. Open Control Panel in Windows 10. You can press Windows + R, type control panel and press Enter to open it.
  2. In Control Panel window, click Programs -> Programs and Features. ...
  3. Find your audio device like Reaktek High Definition Audio and click Uninstall to uninstall the audio driver on your Windows 10 computer.

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How to restart the audio driver in Windows 10?

Just follow these steps for more information:

  • Search for Device Manager from the Windows search bar and run the utility.
  • Look for the audio driver in Sound, Video, and Game Controllers, and then right-click on it.
  • Select the option to Uninstall
  • Restart the system after uninstalling
  • Reinstall the audio driver from your sound card or executable file.

How do I Fix my audio driver?

To fix it:

  1. On your keyboard, press the Windows key and X at the same time, then click Device Manager .
  2. Expand Sound, video and game controllers.
  3. Right-click your sound card driver, then click Uninstall. Click OK at the prompted notification to continue.
  4. When the uninstall completes, restart your computer. ...
  5. Try generic audio driver provided by Windows 10

How to uninstall and reinstall audio drivers Windows 10?

Reinstall Realtek HD Audio Manager from Device Manager

  • Press Windows + X, and select Device Manager to open Device Manager in Windows 10.
  • Expand Sound, video and game controllers in the list. ...
  • Click Delete the driver software for this device option and click Uninstall button.
  • Then you can click Action tab and click Scan for hardware changes. ...


How do I fix my audio driver?

Step 1: Open the Device Manager again and find your audio driver as if you were updating it. Step 2: Right-click the driver and choose Update Driver. Step 3: This time, though, instead of letting Windows search for it automatically, select Browse My Computer for Driver Software.

How do I fix my audio driver Windows 10?

How to Fix Broken Audio on Windows 10Check your cables and volume. ... Verify that the current audio device is the system default. ... Restart your PC after an update. ... Try a System Restore. ... Run the Windows 10 Audio Troubleshooter. ... Update your audio driver. ... Uninstall and reinstall your audio driver.

How do I fix my Realtek audio driver?

To repair and fix Realtek Audio Driver try the following fixes:Check cables, volume, speaker, and headphone connections.Update Realtek High-Definition Audio.Disable Audio Enhancement.Enable/Restart Windows Audio Service.Disable Microsoft UAA Bus Driver.Use Generic High-Definition Audio Device Driver.More items...•

Why my PC audio is not working?

Restart your computer and run the BIOS/UEFI setup menu. When doing so, specifically look at the audio settings. In BIOS, tab over to the Advanced menu and make sure that the sound card is enabled. If the prior step doesn't work, update your BIOS and see if this fixes your sound problems.

How do I restart my audio driver Windows 10?

9. Restart Audio ServicesIn Windows 10, right-click the Windows icon and select Run. Type services. ... Scroll down to Windows Audio and double-click to open menu.If the service has been stopped for any reason, the system audio will not function correctly. ... Double-check the service start-up type. ... Click Apply.

How do I update my audio drivers Windows 10?

Update audio drivers on Windows 10Click on the Start menu and type in Device Manager. ... Search for Sound, video and game controllers. ... Double-click on the audio entry and switch over to the Driver tab. ... Select Search automatically for updated driver software.More items...•

How do I Uninstall and reinstall sound drivers?

Go back to the Device Manager box, right-click the audio driver and choose Uninstall; if you have a touch-screen device, press and hold the driver to get the Uninstall option from the menu. Restart your computer, and Windows will try to reinstall it for you.

Which sound driver is best for Windows 10?

Sound drivers for your Windows PC depend upon the manufacturer. If you are using an Intel processor, then you need Intel sound drivers for your PC....

What sound driver do I have?

You can check the sound driver you have with the help of the Device Manager. Just right-click on the Start button for Device Manager. And now look...

How do you tell if my audio drivers are up to date?

You can take the help of the Device Manager to know whether your sound driver is up to date or not. Run the Device Manager from the taskbar search....

How to update audio drivers?

You can update your drivers automatically with either the FREE or the Pro version of Driver Easy. But with the Pro version it takes just 2 clicks (and you get full support and a 30-day money-back guarantee ): 1 Download and install Driver Easy. 2 Run Driver Easy and click Scan Now. Driver Easy will then scan your computer and detect any problem drivers. 3 Click the Update button next to a flagged audio driver to automatically download the correct version of this driver, then you can manually install it (you can do this with the FREE version).#N#Or click Update All to automatically download and install the correct version of all the drivers that are missing or out of date on your system (this requires the Pro version – you’ll be prompted to upgrade when you click Update All).

How to reinstall audio driver on Windows 10?

To reinstall the audio driver on Windows 10: On your keyboard, press Win+R (the Windows logo key and the R key) at the same time to invoke the Run box. Type devmgmt.msc i n the Run box and click OK to open Device Manager. Expand the category Sound,video and game controllers.

How to uninstall Realtek audio?

Right-click on the sound device and click Uninstall device (in some cases, this could be just Uninstall). In the below example, the sound device is Realtek High Definition Audio. On the Uninstall confirm dialog box, select the Delete the driver software for this device option, then click Uninstall.

Does Driver Easy recognize my computer?

Driver Easy will automatically recognize your system and find the correct drivers for it. You don’t need to know exactly what system your computer is running, you don’t need to risk downloading and installing the wrong driver, and you don’t need to worry about making a mistake when installing.

Why is Realtek audio not working?

Realtek audio driver is not working on Windows 10. It might be caused by the driver incompatibility issue. You can also check for Windows updates to update your OS to the latest version.

How to fix no sound on Windows 10?

You can press Windows + R, type control panel, and press Enter to open Control Panel on Windows 10. Next click Hardware and Sound -> Sound. Right-click the default device Realtek Digital Output ...

How to turn off audio enhancements?

Tip 4. Turn Off Audio Enhancements 1 You can press Windows + R, type control panel, and press Enter to open Control Panel on Windows 10. 2 Next click Hardware and Sound -> Sound. Right-click the default device Realtek Digital Output and click Properties. 3 Click Enhancements tab, and check Disable all sound effects option. Click OK.

How to restore sound drivers?

Windows is equipped to constantly detect latest drivers and software releases and users can install the latest available updates with the help of the Windows Update service. The steps are outlined below for your ease to restore sound drivers: 1 Launch the Settings app in your Windows 10 computer. 2 Then, click on “ Update & Security ” option. 3 Furthermore, you will have to choose the Windows Update option from the leftside menu and then press the Check for Updates button on the main screen.

How to restore sound drivers after uninstalling?

Users can go back to the Device Manager window after uninstalling the audio drivers and follow the below steps to restore sound drivers: In the Device Manager window, click on the Action button located in the menu bar on top. Then, you can select the “ Scan for hardware changes ” option from the dropdown menu.

How to check if your audio driver is installed?

Step 1. Hit Windows key + R key to open the Run dialog box and type the command – “ devmgmt.msc. ”. Step 2. This will take you directly to the Device Manager window where you can double click on the “ Sound, video, game controllers ” section to expand it and see the list of pre-existing audio drivers. Step 3.

How to check for updates on Windows 10?

Launch the Settings app in your Windows 10 computer. Then, click on “ Update & Security ” option. Furthermore, you will have to choose the Windows Update option from the leftside menu and then press the Check for Updates button on the main screen.

How to fix sound driver error?

To uninstall and reinstall Sound Drivers in Windows 7, perform the following steps: 1 Click the Windows icon in your taskbar, type device manager in the Start Search box, and then press Enter 2 Double-click on Sound, video, and game controllers 3 Locate and double-click the driver that is causing the error 4 Click the Driver tab 5 Click Uninstall 6 Insert the Driver disc, and then follow the screen instructions to install the driver

Why is my audio not muted?

If you have checked all your connections (and ensured you do not have sound muted!) then it is most likely a Sound Drivers problem. To fix sound problems you can try to reinstall the Driver yourself or use an automatic Driver Update Tool to do this for you.

How to fix audio not working on Windows 10?

This will automatically check all the major audio settings and drivers installed on your system. In the end, it will either fix the issue or would let you know the exact problem. Just go to your systems' Settings > Troubleshoot and run the audio troubleshooter from here.

Why is my audio not working on my laptop?

If your laptop's audio is not working, then it can happen due to a hardware or software-related issue. In this guide, we are going to diagnose the audio problems in Windows 10 and will further discuss 12 ways to fix it.

How to check if headphone jack is working?

Check the audio jack first and the headphone connections. Make sure that the headphone cable is working and the jack is not damaged. You can also check the speaker or just connect your system to any other audio device as well to further inspect it. 2. Check for Updates.

Why is my microphone not working?

There could be an issue with your microphone or speaker. Malware could have attacked your system's audio components. Any other hardware or system configuration issue can also cause this problem. Also, generic audio driver detected issues can also cause audio not working.

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