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how to repair curls from heat damage

by Mr. Raphael Johnson Published 2 years ago Updated 1 year ago

How To Repair Heat-Damaged Curly Hair

  • Try Hot Coconut Oil Treatment. Apart from getting a spa treatment, you must also take care of your hair at home. ...
  • Apply A DIY Avocado Mask. Avocados are rich in vitamin E, a potent antioxidant and moisturizer for hair and skin ( 1 ), ( 2 ), ( 3 ), ( ...
  • Use Shea Butter For Hair. ...
  • Use Right Products For Curly Hair. ...
  • Apply Hair Serum. ...
  • Twist Out Your Hair. ...

Curly hair
To restore a natural curl, focus on sealing moisture back into your hair follicle. Hair masks and deep-conditioning treatments that are rich in moisturizing ingredients, such as shea butter and argan oil, can help bring your hair back to its bouncy best.
Sep 23, 2019

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How to restore curls after heat damage?

So How Do You Get Your Curly Hair Back After Heat Damage?

  • Stage 1 – Conceal the damage (Fake your curls)
  • Stage 2 – Let your hair grow (Protective hairstyles)
  • Stage 3 – Then cut the damage (DevaCut / Carve & Slice)

How to tell if curls are damaged?

What causes damage to hair?

  1. Colour damage. If you like to regularly colour your hair this could be the source of your problem. ...
  2. Over manipulation. Doing a lot of different hairstyles that require you to pull and tug at your hair causes breakage. ...
  3. Lack of moisture. ...
  4. Chemical treatments. ...
  5. Hair utensils. ...
  6. Heat. ...

How to repair damaged curls?

Natural Hair 101: How to Fix Damaged Curls

  1. Eliminate the Obvious Immediately rule out types of damage totally unrelated to the current state of your hair. ...
  2. Go Back in Time One of the reasons I love blogging and social media is that I can put my hair on a semi-concrete timeline based on pictures. ...
  3. Assess, Assess, Assess

How to restore natural curl pattern to heat damaged hair?

  • 1 egg
  • 1/2 avocado
  • 1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil
  • 1/3 cup of coconut milk
  • 8 drops of lavender essential oil
  • 8 drops of eucalyptus essential oil


How do I get my curls back after heat damage?

Treat your heat damaged curly hair with Deep Treatment Curl Restoration Therapy, which, when used with heat, reinforces the hair shaft with protein treatments and amino acids to encourage maximum curl formation and minimize frizz. Use Prescription-Only Products.

Can heat damage be reversed?

The simple answer is no, heat damage is irreversible. Once the protein bonds are broken and the hair cuticles are cracked, the inner cortex is exposed to all types of damage.

How long does it take curly hair to recover from heat damage?

Two to three years:This is the usual length of time that transitioning takes. This does not mean that your curls do not have any more growing to do or that you will not require additional trims to get you hair to its final state, but this benchmark will let you see your crown in all its glory.

How can I restore my natural curls?

Unfortunately, chemical treatments and overuse of heat styling can damage your curl pattern....How To Restore Your Natural Curl Pattern, According To ExpertsDon't Over Shampoo. ... Take A Break From Heat. ... Give Your Hair Protein Shakes. ... Embrace The Wash & Go. ... Cut Your Ties With The Damage.

Can you repair damaged curls?

The bad news: Once hair is burned, there is no way to fully repair your curl pattern until new hair grows in to replace it. Unfortunately it takes only one bad burn to fry your hair, but repeated heat exposure has the same effect.

How do I get my natural curls back after years of straightening?

“I would use a hydrating shampoo and conditioner and then follow that up with a leave-in conditioner to ensure that your curls snap back," says Wright. She recommends shampoos and conditioners rich in moisturizing ingredients like argan oil, shea butter, proteins, and safflower oil.

Does heat permanently damage hair?

Managing heat damaged hair Once the structure of your hair is changed by heat damage, it's permanent. There are a few options for managing the situation. You can cut your hair and remove the damage, but this could require a big chop depending on how extensive the damage is.

Will heat damaged hair grow?

Can Heat Damaged Hair Grow? Thankfully, hair grows from the root, so heat damage won't stop your hair growth completely, but it may slow it down. If your hair is dry and brittle, it may lead to breakage and split ends that can continue up the hair shaft and affect hair growth.

Do I have to cut my hair if I have heat damage?

1 Answer. Unfortunately, once hair is damaged, it won't bounce back because hair is not living; so therefore there is no cell turnover. You need to stop the use of heat tools, moisturize, and do protein treatments regularly to prevent further damage. A big chop is really your best bet.

Should you cut heat damage off?

Holding on to damaged ends weighs down on the hair which puts strain on it while its growing; cutting away heat damaged ends will allow the hair to grow back in faster because its not carrying the dead weight of damaged hair (

Consider A Trim

This part is essential—possibly a bit scary—but also doable from home (with caution). When I first chopped my hair in 2016, I used YouTube as my guide for shaping and cutting the damaged ends that needed to be eliminated. Sure, it was risky, but trimming your ends where damage is the most prevalent can be helpful.

Moisture Is Important

My hair needed moisture to combat the dryness, and brittle state straightening left it in. I used a natural hair mask made from raw eggs (gross but effective), raw honey, and avocados to soften and detangle my curls.

Vitamins Are A Plus

While there's a lot of research still needed to determine the efficacy of hair growth supplements, vitamins can play a role in the overall health of your hair. 1 I stocked up on vitamins A through D and OLLY Ultra Hair vitamins to help make sure that my body was receiving the proper nutrients so that my hair would remain healthy and strong.

Try Protective Styles

Protective styles are clutch because they allows me to change my look without manipulating my natural hair daily. This means my chances of breakage, tangling, and heat damage is minimized depending on the style.

The Bottom Line

The beauty of having natural hair is the ability to switch up your style: One day, you can be bone-straight, and the other with a 'fro. Nonetheless, no matter how you decide to rock your hair, I've learned that finding ways to keep your strands healthy is a good foundation of any routine.

How to tell if curls are damaged?

Before you recover your damaged curls, it is important to figure out if your curls are heat-damaged because relaxers and other chemical treatments also cause damage. Here’s a list of signs to look for to confirm heat damage: Your Hair Texture Is Rough. Rough and dry hair is the first sign of heat-damaged curls.

Why is my hair hard to color?

Since high heat strips your hair of its natural oils and opens the cuticles, it becomes tougher for the hair to retain moisture. As a result, your curls can rapidly lose luster and shine. Â Your Hair Is Hard To Color. Heat damage also makes the hair strands tough to color.

How does a hair spa work?

Hair spa treatment works really well for restoring hair health and reducing heat damage. The steam creates a micro humid environment that helps the moisture to penetrate deep into the hair shaft. Applying a hair moisturizer and massaging the scalp also helps revive the hair follicles and strands.

Why is my hair rough and dry?

Rough and dry hair is the first sign of heat-damaged curls. Heat styling tools like straighteners and blowdryers tend to dry out the natural oils and open the hair cuticles, which makes it impossible for your hair to retain moisture. Without moisture, your hair becomes dry and extremely rough. Subscribe.

How to restore hair to its original shine?

Applying a DIY avocado mask at least once a week can help restore hair vitality and shine. All you have to do is mash half an avocado (or a whole avocado, depending on your hair volume and length), add 1 tablespoon honey, and mix well. Section your hair and apply the mixture from the roots to the tips.

How to keep curls from getting heat damaged?

 Use A Moisturizing Shampoo And Conditioner. Regular shampoo and conditioner may strip away your hair’s natural oils. Or, they may just not be effective on heat-damaged curls. Use a good moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair moisturized as you clean the dirt and sweat away.

How to get rid of dry curls?

It is one of the best and easiest ways to add nourishment and moisture to dry and heat-damaged curls. Take 2 tablespoons of coconut oil and heat it up for 10 seconds.

What products do you use for curls?

Only use products that are specific to your curl type: Loose curls use the Curl Shaper range, classic curls use VitalCurl, tight curls use Curl Quencher, and coily curls use Coil Infusion. Leave-In Conditioners. Continually protect and condition your curly hair from the summer sun with Moisture Lock Leave-In Conditioner.

Why do my curls get frizzy?

After spending hours at the beach, at parks and in pools, it’s likely you didn’t adequately protect your hair from the wind, sun, chlorine, salt water and other environmental stressors that cause curls to appear dry, brittle, brassy and frizzy.

Can UVB damage curls?

We know that all that fun in the sun can have damaging effects on your skin, but the same ultra-violet aging and burning rays (UVA & UVB) can also damage your curls from the cuticle to their core inner structure.

1. Stay Away From Heat

Time to take a long long break from heat, curly hair is extremely fragile and the more you continue to use high heat on it, the more irreparable damage that is caused. Staying away from heat is the next obvious step to take after discovering your natural hair is heat damaged, but the blow dryer down and instead air dry.

2. Clarify Your Hair Without Using Shampoo

BRAGG APPLE CIDER VINEGAR: The Bragg ACV Vinegar is made from organically grown apples, and offers various health benefits. To easily incorporate ACV into your diet, you can take a daily 2 oz shot, pour it over your salad, drink in a morning elixir with water and lemon, or add it to your hot tea.

4. Wear A Protective Style

A protective style will prevent you from manipulating your hair as the less manipulation then the less likely is it to break.

5. (For Severe Cases) Cut Your Ties With The Damage

For severe heat-damaged natural hair, you might have to cut your hair to restore your natural curl, after trying the tips listed above and there are no traces of your curls popping, there is nothing else to do except to cut your hair.

Why is shampoo important?

Shampoo is important for a first wash for two major reasons: One--buildup removal. If you've ever had that semi-frightening moment where you first rinse your straightened hair and it doesn't immediately revert, you'll understand why shampoo is necessary.

What is greenhousing hair?

A spinoff of sorts of the hot oil treatment, greenhousing involves trapping hair in an ultra-moisturizing environment to aid in absorbing as much moisture as possible. This can be achieved at simplest, by covering damp hair with a plastic cap and scarf.

What is the best way to get your hair back to normal?

Deep Condition. Moisture is an integral step in getting your hair to return to normal. And of course, this step will work better if it follows a good cleanse. When hair is blow dried and flat ironed, moisture leaves the hair.

How to rehabilitate curls after heat binge?

You don't have to do all six at once, feel free to pick and choose which ones may work for you! 1. Cleanse with Shampoo.

How to get hair back to normal?

Do a Hot Oil Treatment . If your hair still isn't feeling or looking quite up to par, a hot oil treatment may help get things back in order. Nourishing the hair with a warm concoction of oils can help restore shine and elasticity, enhance smoothness, penetrate the hair, nourish the scalp, and more.

How to treat hair with oil?

4. Do a Hot Oil Treatment 1 Place the oils inside of a plastic applicator bottle (which can be purchased at a local beauty supply store) 2 Melt them together in a hot water bath (don't microwave them) 3 Apply to hair and scalp 4 Cover hair in a plastic cap or saran wrap. 5 You can sit under a dryer with the oil, or use a satin scarf or bonnet to help keep your head-generated heat in.

How long can you greenhouse your hair?

You can greenhouse your hair for as little as 30 minutes, or as much as overnight. Since the hair is not soaking wet, it is at less risk for hygral fatigue, over-conditioning, and becoming limp and mushy. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Full screen is unavailable.

Why do my curls keep getting stringy?

2. DEEP CONDITION. Think of each of your curls as having a memory that allows it to spring back into shape after each wash. Damage disrupts your hair's ability to revert. This can lead to frizz and/or straight, stringy ends, which can persist even after you stop coloring or straightening your hair.

How to protect curls while sleeping?

Simple things like rocking protective styles and taking time to protect ur curls while you sleep can help shield your hair from damage by preventing dryness and friction. 4. HANDLE WITH CARE. If your curls are damaged, they’re already in a fragile state, so be gentle with them!

How to fix curls that are damaged by color?

OIL TREATMENTS . Oil treatments are especially ideal if you’re trying to repair curls damaged by color or bleach. Using oil in your hair will not only help smooth frizz and add instant shine, but it can also strengthen your ends and seal moisture into your curls.

What to do if your curls are damaged?

If your curls are damaged, they’re already in a fragile state, so be gentle with them! Take your time when detangling, making sure to tackle knots while your hair is wet and has plenty of slip.

Why is it important to use the right products?

Using the right products is essential to making sure that your curls are getting everything they need. While it’s easy to get caught up in trying to achieve “perfect curls,” it’s important that what you’re putting in your hair is doing more than just making it look good. What your curls need most is MOISTURE!

How to repair damaged curls?

Here are a few easy steps you can take to treat your hair: 1. ELIMINATE THE SOURCE OF DAMAGE. It’s not enough to just recognize damage.

Why does my hair tear?

Sometimes, things like rough detangling, over-styling or harsh weather can cause wear and tear on your hair over time.

What is Jojoba Monoi conditioner?

Eden BodyWorks’s JojOba Monoi Deep Conditioner was created to address the over-processed, damaged hair. This product’s mission is to balance the moisture in your hair so that it can become more manageable and full of body.

What is Olaplex hair conditioner?

Olaplex. Olaplex is known to take damaged hair and reconfigure it to look strong and healthy. Whether it be color or heat damage, the fast-acting formula penetrates each strand with beneficial ingedients that’ll leave hair feeling moisturized and protected.

How to get your hair back to normal?

The easiest way to get your hair back to normal is by doing a big chop. If that’s something you’re not prepared to do, a protective style can assist in nursing your hair back to health.

Why do curls get damaged?

Heat damage can occur for a variety of reasons. Excessive blow drying can weaken the curl pattern over time. Frequent or even one-time use of a flat iron or curling iron can also alter the state of your curls.

What is the Aphogee treatment?

Aphogee Two-Step treatment is an intensive protein treatment that will reconstruct your hair from the root to the tip. Constant heat manipulation can cause breakage and split ends. The Aphogee formula will assist in mending damaged hair cuticles, helping each strand grow stronger and healthier.

Is it important to deep conditioner?

Deep conditioners should be an essential step in your hair routine. If you’re trying to recover from heat damage, this may be one of the most important steps. Moisture restoration is vital at this point. Thank God it’s Natural Honey Miracle Mask is a great deep conditioner that will continuously hydrate your hair.

Can protective style help with hair?

If that’s something you’re not prepared to do, a protective style can assist in nursing your hair back to health. In the interim, there are key products that will help bring life back into your curls. If you’re struggling to rediscover your natural curl pattern, here are 12 treatments that will make the process easier.

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