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how to repair plantronics headset

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Unplug the AC power from your Plantronics charging base Remove your battery (CS70n, CS530, C053 battery can't be removed) Wait 10 seconds, then replug your AC power and battery

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Which Plantronics headset is right for You?

The best Plantronics Wireless Headset that we've tested is the Plantronics Voyager 5200 Bluetooth Headset. This Bluetooth mono headset has a comfortable design that should be comfortable enough to wear for extended periods. It's stable and shouldn't move around or slip out of your ear even when you're on the go.

How to fix Bluetooth headset not connecting?

To do so, follow the steps given below:

  • First, unpair your Bluetooth headset from the PC.
  • Press Windows + X keys together on your keyboard and select Device Manager. ...
  • Expand the Bluetooth options and select Disable device by right-clicking the Microsoft Bluetooth LE Enumerator option. ...
  • This will open a confirmation window to disable the use of the selected Bluetooth driver. ...

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How to connect Plantronics wireless headset to Windows 8?

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  1. Make sure your headset is charged. Depending on your headset model, the power light should be lighting up solidly—meaning it’s lit up but not flashing—when the headset is fully ...
  2. Turn your headset on. There are a number of ways to turn on a pair of Plantronics headset, but all require you to switch on the Power button, which ...
  3. Enable Pairing mode. ...

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How to sync Plantronics earpiece?

  • When figuring out how to sync Plantronics Bluetooth headsets, you would figure out that this process does not consume a lot of time. ...
  • The process of syncing a Plantronics Bluetooth headset is quite simple. ...
  • You would not find a single user who would want to go through the syncing process in a repeated manner. ...

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Can Plantronics headset be repaired?

Plantronics will, at their option, repair or replace the Products that do not conform to the warranty. Plantronics may use functionally equivalent reconditioned/refurbished/re manufactured/pre-owned or new Products or parts.

How do I fix my Plantronics?

In the Device Manager window, find the Sound, Video and Game Controllers option and expand it. Right click on your Plantronics device and select "Uninstall". Unplug the headset and restart the PC. After the PC has rebooted, reconnect the headset.

How do I fix my Plantronics Bluetooth headset?

How to Fix a Plantronics BluetoothCharge your headset's battery. ... Reboot your devices. ... Uninstall problematic software. ... Make sure your phone's Bluetooth settings are correctly enabled. ... Rule out radio interference. ... Call Plantronics directly.

Why is my Plantronics headset mic not working?

Make sure the USB connection is not loose. If the USB connection is secure, but the issue persists, try connecting to a different USB port. Wait for your computer to recognize the USB connection, and then test the microphone again. Make sure that your Plantronics headset is selected as the default audio device.

How do I fix my headphones when only one side works?

How to fix earphones when only one side is workingStraighten out the earphone cord.Try another pair of earphones.Clean the headphone jack.Restart the device.Check the device audio settings.Check for the earphone damaged wires.

Why is my Plantronics not connecting?

Power the cell phone on again. Pair the headset with your phone again. If the issue persists, try pairing the headset to a different cell phone. If the issue persists, replace the headset.

How do I reset my Plantronics Voyager Bluetooth headset?

Hold down the MINUS (-) volume control and the black power button at the same time until the blue light goes out. Step 3 Wait 1 minute for the reset to power down the software and clear firmware.

How do I reset my Plantronics focus headset?

Reset sensors Choose: With your headset powered on, charge your headset on the charge stand for 10 seconds. Press and hold both the Mute and Play/pause buttons for more than 4 seconds until the LEDs flash purple twice, being careful to not touch the earcup padding or allow it to come in contact with surfaces.

Why won't my PLT headphones turn on?

If your headset seems to charge (i.e., the light turns on), but then won't power on, try resetting the headset. While pressing the power button, plug in the AC charger. The light on the headset should turn on. Once the light turns on, let go of the power button.

What to do if your mic is not working?

Make sure the microphones are clear of any blockages.Test the microphone.Disconnect any audio accessories.Restart the phone.Make sure your app has permission.

How do I test my Plantronics headset?

Double-click the Sound icon. Make sure the Plantronics Headset is set as the Default device under the Playback and Recording tabs. Under the Recording tab view the meter to the right of the headset listing as you speak into the microphone. If this meter goes up and down as you speak then the microphone is operational.

How do I reset my Plantronics Voyager headset?

Hold down the MINUS (-) volume control and the black power button at the same time until the blue light goes out. Step 3 Wait 1 minute for the reset to power down the software and clear firmware.

How do I reset my Plantronics base station?

1) Place the headset in the base station. 2) Please and hold the sliver button below the Bluetooth icon on the charging/base unit. 4) Then unplug the power supply cable from the base station. 5) After 10 seconds, plug the power supply cable back into the base station.

How do I reset my Plantronics 5200 headset?

A tone or lack of voice prompts means the sensors need to be reset. To reset the sensors, power on the headset, connect the headset to a USB cable and plug the cable into your computer's USB port or an AC wall adapter (not included). Then place the headset on a flat, non-metallic surface for more than 10 seconds.

How do I pair my Plantronics wireless headset?

To pair the headset,Turn on your device's Bluetooth feature.Turn the headset on. The light on the headset should start flashing an alternating red-blue. ... On your cell phone, go to the Bluetooth menu and search for (or add) a device. ... If prompted for a passkey, enter 0000 (four zeros).


These are some common tools used to work on this device. You might not need every tool for every procedure.


Commonly malfunctioning components; such as problems pertaining to battery, microphone, and earpiece replacement; can be repaired by observing the Plantronics Voyager Legend Troubleshooting Page.

Background and Identification

The Voyager Legend was released by the Plantronics company in September, 2013. Some features of this product include a talk time of up to 7 hours, standby time of up to 11 days, 33 feet range, caller name announcing, Bluetooth v3.0 + A2DP for audio streaming, and a magnetic charging connection.

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