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how to repair wicker furniture legs

by Karianne O'Reilly Published 2 years ago Updated 1 year ago

  1. Locate the damaged area on the leg and cut the wicker cane off with a utility knife where the damage begins and ends.
  2. Purchase wicker cane at a hobby or craft store. Look for cane that is the same diameter as the chair leg you are repairing.
  3. Cut the amount of cane that you will need to do the repair and place it in water to soak for half an hour.
  4. Glue the end of the cane where the cut was made to the chair leg frame. ...
  5. Wrap the new strand of wicker around the chair leg. Typically, the wicker on a chair leg is simply wound around in a straightforward manner.
  6. Tuck the end of the cane under another strand in an inconspicuous spot. The back of the leg is the best place to end the weaving.

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And allow the vinegar to soak for a minute. This will loosen the glue. Allow the chair to dry beforeMoreAnd allow the vinegar to soak for a minute. This will loosen the glue. Allow the chair to dry before beginning to add new rat head. For place wood glue on the back of a rat Henreid.

How to buy and restore wicker furniture?

Repair and prime. Once your wicker furniture is clean and dry, the next step is to prep it for a paint job. Carefully inspect the item for damaged reeds, and glue any broken pieces back into place with wood glue and let it dry. After you've completed any repairs, Henry says to apply an oil-based primer using a natural bristle brush.

How to clean and care for wicker furniture?

How to Care for Wicker Furniture and Rugs

  • Keep Your Wicker Clean. The best way to keep your wicker looking nice for years is to clean it regularly with a trusted wood cleaning product, like TriNova® Wood Cleaner.
  • Remove Mold from Your Wicker Rugs or Furniture. Knowing how to care for wicker furniture and rugs means knowing how to deal with mold or mildew. ...
  • Protect Wicker from Extreme Weather. ...

How to care for your wicker furniture?

Things You'll Need

  • Soft bristle brush
  • Smaller detail brush or an old toothbrush
  • 2-3 microfiber cloths
  • Gentle dish soap
  • Bucket
  • Warm water
  • Hair dryer (optional)

How do you clean mold off of wicker furniture?

  • Even when dealing with light mold, be sure you wear gloves, an air mask, and googles. Light mold still produces harmful spores.
  • Mold thrives on moisture. ...
  • To improve the mold fighting power of the sunlight, mix equal parts water and white vinegar and lightly spray the furniture in the morning when placing it outside.


How do you fix the legs on wicker furniture?

Put epoxy glue in each of the drilled holes and insert a 2” piece of 5/8” diameter doweling into the chair leg then push the new piece of leg onto the other end of the doweling. Place a weight on the chair to maintain the pressure on the new joint until the glue has hardened.

What is the best glue to repair wicker?

Use wood glue to fix them. Apply a drop or 2 of wood glue to the bottom of any loose ends that are sticking out. Carefully tuck them back into the wicker pattern by pulling the strands together. Hold down the glued pieces for several seconds to allow them to bond to the chair.

Is it worth repairing wicker furniture?

If your wicker furniture is of value to you – i.e. it's a family heirloom or it's a pricey antique piece—then you may want to consider doing some slight repairs. If you have a vintage piece, then care and repair will be essential to maintaining the longevity of your wicker furniture, even it if is in good condition.

How do I fix unraveling wicker?

If the wrapping around the legs of your wicker furniture becomes unraveled, this is not the end of the piece. With a little water, glue, wicker caning and time you can have the legs back in working order. Most craft stores will sell the wicker canning needed to repair the legs.

How do you fix wicker on outdoor furniture?

How to Fix Faux Wicker Patio FurnitureClean the Faux Wicker Patio Furniture. ... Remove Broken and Frayed Ends. ... Cut a New Resin Strip to Fit. ... Apply a Quick-Set or Non-Quick-Set Epoxy. ... Weave the Strip Into Place. ... Glue the Ends Together Before Trimming. ... Touch Up the Section as Necessary.

Is wicker and rattan the same?

“The difference is that rattan is a material, whereas wicker is the style and method of weaving,” Zoe explains. “Wicker can be woven from rattan as well as many other natural or synthetic materials, which is where the confusion often lies.”

How do you refurbish old wicker furniture?

When wicker with a clear finish (lacquer, shellac or varnish) becomes dull, you can usually restore its luster by rubbing with a soft cloth dampened with furniture polish or lemon oil. Minor scratches can be disguised by rubbing with a wax-stick scratch remover, available at home centers and some furniture stores.

What can I do with old wicker furniture?

If your wicker furniture has seen better days, transform it into whimsical but useful accents for your home or garden.Stenciled Beauty. 1/11. ... Horticultural Headboard. 2/11. ... Garden Baskets. 3/11. ... Rolling Bin. 4/11. ... Unlikely Companions. 5/11. ... Recycled Stand. 6/11. ... Flower Seats. 7/11. ... Storage Trunk. 8/11.More items...

How do you make old wicker furniture look new?

3:1513:53HOW TO UPDATE WICKER FURNITURE- More tips and tricks ...YouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipAnd i found it there it comes in several different wood color finishes. And this is kind of a one.MoreAnd i found it there it comes in several different wood color finishes. And this is kind of a one. Step. Simple furniture renewing solution and so it's a little bit like stain.

How do I fix rattan wicker?

Step One: Scrub clean. Using your soap and brush, give the rattan a good scrub. ... Step Two: Clip Off Broken/Damaged Rattan. Using your scissors or wire cutters, trim away any damaged or broken rattan. ... Step Three: Choose and Soak. ... Step Four: Measure and Cut. ... Step Five: Tuck and Glue. ... Step Six: Paint (optional)

What is the difference between resin wicker and wicker?

99% of the time, outdoor wicker patio sets are made from synthetic resins. Resin wicker is made to look like natural wicker without aging like it as well. The word Wicker is derived from the Scandinavian word “wika” which means “to bend.” The Marine Dining Set is made with HDPE wicker strands.

How do you glue rattan?

Using the Gorilla Contact Adhesive, trace around the outer edge of one of the glass panels and then add a diagonal glue line cross through the centre. The glue will dry clear but try and do this step neatly. Add some dots of glue to the back of the cane webbing sheet too for extra joining power.

What glue will stick rattan furniture?

Step One: Cut out the broken strand(s) of rattan from your furniture and dispose of them. Step Two: Mix the 2-part epoxy resin glue. Step Three: Make sure that the replacement strand of rattan is longer than the strand you have cut out.

Can wicker baskets be repaired?

Fill in holes such as punctures with reed or caning of the same size, shape and color. Trim the damaged ends of broken fibers close to the basket so they are no longer noticeable. Cut fresh pieces of replacement material large enough to span each missing strand with a little leftover to tuck into the weave.

What is the best wood glue?

The 6 Best Wood GluesGorilla Wood Glue.Titebond 5004 II Premium Wood Glue (Our Top Pick)Titebond 1413 III Ultimate Wood Glue.Elmer's E7010 Carpenter's Wood Glue.GLUE MASTERS Professional Grade Cyanoacrylate “Super Glue”FastCap 2P-10 Super Glue Adhesive.

How do you glue rattan strips?

Get an acrylic resin to glue the strips, preferable a quick-set plastic epoxy with a precision applicator tip. To replace sections of the plastic rattan furniture, you will need to new plastic rattan wicker. Try to match your furniture's color or you will have to do a touchup with matching paint.

How long does it take for wicker to dry?

Avoid touching the furniture for 30 minutes so the glue can fully dry. If you have a section on your wicker that’s broken, first, use an Exacto knife to cut out the damaged strands. Then, soak replacement reeds in warm water for 30 minutes to make them flexible.

How do I fix a wicker chair?

Use wood glue to fix them. Apply a drop or 2 of wood glue to the bottom of any loose ends that are sticking out. Carefully tuck them back into the wicker pattern by pulling the strands together. Hold down the glued pieces for several seconds to allow them to bond to the chair.

How do I remove wicker furniture?

Remove broken strands of wicker. Use heavy-duty scissors or an exacto knife to cut loose strands out of your wicker furniture. Carefully snip through damaged strands near the underside of arms, legs, or other parts of the piece. gently pull out the damaged strands to avoid damaging other parts of the wicker.

How to fix wicker furniture that is damaged?

2. Soak replacement reeds in warm water for 30 minutes to make them flexible. Select the replacement reeds you need to fix your damaged wicker furniture. Place them in a large container full of warm water. Let them sit in the water for 30 minutes.

How to replace reeds in wicker?

Weave the replacement reeds into the wicker furniture. Thread a replacement reed into the furniture, starting from a point near the back that is less visible. Using pliers or your fingers, gently weave the reed in an out of the wicker. Follow the pattern of the wicker for the best results.

How to clean a reed from a reed?

Remove excess water from the reeds. Remove the reeds from the water and place them on a pile of clean paper towels. Gently press on the reeds with another paper towel to drain out excess water. Continue pressing on them with fresh paper towels until no more water comes out.

How to get loose ends out of wicker furniture?

1. Scan the furniture for loose ends. Examine your wicker furniture to spot any pieces poking out. Do this in a well-lit area, or use a map lamp or flashlight to see things clearly. Use your hands to feel for loose ends in place that you may not be able to examine easily close up.

How To Repair Wicker Furniture: Reed Replacement for Missing or Damaged Wicker Furniture

Repairing wicker furniture seems difficult, and in some situations it is. This course, on the other hand, focuses on repairing lost or broken reed that is weaved in one direction and is not designed for very complex woven portions. Small repairs are simple, and performing them yourself may be a satisfying experience.

10-Step Procedure for Replacing a Missing or Damaged Reed

The first step in how to repair wicker furniture is to examine the damage that has to be repaired, and determine whether re-weaving would suffice. Determine the extent of the damaged or missing wicker reed if it is easily visible. You should have a clear idea of what repairs are required.

Summary For How To Repair Wicker Furniture

After replacing each broken or missing reed, the weaving should be tight but not too slack. It is sometimes unavoidable to have a loose weave in a repair, although it is far preferable to be loose than damaged or absent.

How to weave a reed?

Its important to remember two things: 1 You will need more length than the linear distance between start and finish of your weave because the weaving action takes up more reed than you might otherwise expect. 2 Leave at least an additional 2 inches excess at the end of each side of the new reed so that it can’t pull out the you put the finished ends tucked under the surface where they can’t be seen.

How to keep a reed in place?

Back out the end of the remaining reed so that the end is aiming down away from the surface. Leave at least 1-2 inches of the original reed tucked down under the surface. To keep a piece of reed in place properly, the more you weave it in the better it holds. So, if you can, try to remove enough original reed so that you can weave back in a pice over and under the cross members at least four to seven times, more if you like. In small areas you may have no other choice but to use a short weave over and under 2-3 cross members. In those cases, you might have to live with it being a little loose when you weave the new piece in. But its perfectly acceptable as long as the woven piece does not fall out.

What material is used to replace wicker reeds?

Wicker can be manufactured using natural or synthetic resin materials. Whether you use natural or resin reed, the style and size of the reed can vary and so can the colors. 3.

How long do you soak wicker reeds in water?

Note: Natural wicker reed will need to be soaked in water for at least 15 minutes to make it flexible enough to bend prior to weaving. 10. Stain and Seal Natural Wicker. If you are repairing a natural wicker product, you will need to stain or paint it to match your finish.

Is wicker reed easy to repair?

If that does not work, you will need to talk to a wicker dealer that can obtain repair supplies. Natural wicker reed is rather easy to acquire whereas resin reed is more difficult because there are so many different vendors with many different types, sizes and colors.

Can you repair wicker furniture?

In most cases you will have repaired your wicker furniture with great success and you will feel pretty good that you learned how to repair it yourself and be surprised how good it looks. Recognize that the new piece of reed will generally withstand the same wear that the original did.

Is it better to have a loose weave or loose weave?

Summary. After you have replaced each piece of damaged or missing reed, the weave should be tight, not too loose. Sometimes its indvitable to have a loose weave in a repair, but it much better to be loose than broken or missing. In most cases you will have repaired your wicker furniture with great success and you will feel pretty good ...

Why is plastic wicker furniture durable?

Plastic wicker furniture lasts for a long time because they are durable and weather resistant. If you clean the furniture regularly, it will give you a nice look that outlasts regular wicker furniture. Another benefit is that it is lightweight, making the furniture, like plastic rattan tables and chairs, easy to move.

How to repair a chair that is woven?

First, remove the damaged strips. The strips can be long, and you need to pull the whole strip. Take a new strip and soak it in warm water for at least 15 to 20 minutes.

How to fix loose resin strips?

If the resin strips are loose, you can reattach them with glue. You can use resin epoxy. Dip the tip of the strip in the epoxy and hold it in the weave for a few seconds. If the strips are cut or frayed, you will need to repair them differently.

How to match furniture color?

Try to match your furniture’s color or you will have to do a touchup with matching paint. Then, you will need a pair of needle-nose pliers. For the finishing touch, you will need a paintbrush and a similar colored paint. Spray paint will also do the job to match your color or redo the color of your furniture.

How to insert resin strip?

To insert the new resin strip, start from the back of the furniture. Insert the new strip in the open space by following the original pattern. Take a pair of needle-nose pliers. In the end, you will need to weave the end of the strip on the backside of the furniture.

Is plastic wicker good for outdoor furniture?

Outdoor furniture made with plastic wicker is trendy because of the weave design that gives a comfortable lounge experience. The sturdy rattan-like weave adds a refined feel to your garden, patio, and backyard. Although plastic wicker rattan is weather-resistant, the strips can get frayed or cut.

Can you glue plastic ends together?

Tip: For glue, you can also use a precision heat gun to “melt” and weld the plastic ends together. This option will require you to have practice with spare plastic strips to avoid melting a hole in your furniture. Another option is using a glue gun, although it requires care to avoid the messy glue gun look.

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