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how much is it to repair drywall

by Dr. Lue Emard PhD Published 2 years ago Updated 1 year ago

Drywall Repair Cost

National average cost $350
Average range $200-$550
Low-end $75
High-end $1,000
Jul 17 2022

Average Cost of Drywall Repair
Minor repairs that can be done by a handyman will cost an average of $60 to $90 per hour, or a drywall repair cost per square foot of $0.40-$0.80 which amounts to about $30 per sheet.

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How to estimate drywall repair cost?

  • Drywall repair costs $50 to $100 per square foot for small jobs and fixes.
  • Drywall contractors charge minimum trip fees of $125 to $200.
  • Drywall repair labor costs $40 to $100 per hour.

What is the average cost of drywall repair?

If the water heater needs to be moved, there may also be costs to repair and install drywall ($1,000 to $2,900) or build new framing ($200 to $400). You may also need to pay for permitting ($100 ...

How hard is it to repair drywall?

How to repair popped nail heads:

  • If you notice a popped nail head, the nail has come loose from the wall stud. ...
  • Drive the drywall screw into the wall about 1 to 2 inches above the popped nail head. ...
  • Hammer the popped nail head back into the wall, being careful not to damage more drywall with the hammer.
  • Cover the sunken screw and the nail head with spackle.

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How much does it cost to remove drywall?

Remove Drywall – Total Average Cost per square ft. $3.92. $5.38. $6.80. Cost can add up ...


How much does it cost to repair drywall seams?

Drywall hole repair costs $50 to $400 per patch, depending on the hole's size and location: Patching one small hole costs $50 to $150 or $200 to $650 for multiple holes. Fixing medium or large holes costs $200 to $400 per hole. Prices increase for drywall in difficult-to-access areas or with water damage.

How do I estimate drywall repair?

Drywall Repair Costs In general, if the hole can be covered with what's referred to as a "patch," the repair will be a flat rate. The most expensive part of the project is the labor. For minor repairs, expect to pay an average of $60 to $90 per hour for handyperson repair, or about $50 to 75 per square foot.

How much does it cost to replace a sheetrock wall?

Written by HomeAdvisor. Drywall installation costs $1,878, with a typical range of $993 and $2,920. This cost translates into a price of $1.50 to $3 per square foot for materials and labor. Most homeowners pay $2 per square foot, depending on the number of rooms and the level of finish.

How much does a wall repair cost?

Wall Repair Costs To give you an idea, homeowners spend an average of $788 per repair. Most projects will fall between $358 and $1,220. Here are a few common factors that affect the final project price. The price to hire a handyman or wall repair contractor is approximately $60 to $80 per hour.

How long does it take to fix drywall?

Total time: 15-20 minutes for small holes and 1-2 hours for larger holes. Then up to 24 hours to allow joint compound/primer/paint to dry.

How long does it take to replace drywall?

With drywall, it takes a fraction of the time. Two pros can typically cover a 12-by-16-foot room in about an hour. To work that fast takes practice and a few specialized tools.

How much does it cost to drywall a 12x12 room?

The average cost to drywall a 12x12 room is $580 to $1,800. Drywalling a master bedroom or living room costs $850 to $3,100. Most drywall contractors charge higher rates per square foot for small jobs.

Why is drywall so expensive?

There are a bunch of reasons drywall prices can rise. As with most commodities, increased demand or decreased supply can have an affect on drywall board prices. In this case, neither of these appears to be true. Manufacturers have seen a decrease in demand of 50 percent since the height of the building boom.

How much does drywall mudding and taping cost?

The average cost to tape and mud drywall is $0.35 to $1.10 per square foot, not including sanding or the final finish to prime the surface for paint. Taping and mudding drywall joints for a standard 12' x 12' bedroom costs $180 to $580.

How do you repair damaged walls?

0:094:08How to repair minor damage to plaster or drywall - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipYou don't have to wait until the next day just ensure that the filler is fully dry before sanding.MoreYou don't have to wait until the next day just ensure that the filler is fully dry before sanding. It once it has been some did it give it a wipe with a damp sponge to remove any dust.

How much does it cost to tape and finish a sheet of drywall?

The average cost to finish drywall is $1.50 to $3.50 per square foot for labor and materials. The cost to tape and mud drywall is $0.35 to $1.10 per square foot and is typically included with finishing. Finishing drywall in a 12x12 bedroom costs $580 to $1,800.

How much does drywall cost to hang and finish?

Drywall installation costs $1.50 to $3.50 per square foot, depending on the ceiling height, drywall type, and level of finish. Drywall costs $0.50 to $0.80 per square foot for materials. The labor cost to hang and finish drywall is $1.00 to $2.70 per square foot. The cost to drywall a 12x12 room is $580 to $1,800.

How much does drywall taping cost?

The national average materials cost to tape drywall joints is $0.05 per linear foot, with a range between $0.04 to $0.05. The total price for labor and materials per linear foot is $0.91, coming in between $0.83 to $1.00. A typical 500 linear foot project costs $455.95, with a range of $412.97 to $498.92.

How much does it cost to repair hole in ceiling?

Cost to Repair a Ceiling by Type of RepairType of RepairAverage Repair Costs (Labor Included)Crack$100 - $500Hole$100 - $600Seam$150 - $500Joist$150 - $7008 more rows•Jun 7, 2021

How much does it cost to repair drywall tape?

The average cost for a fix, including drywall joint 7 tape repair, will be $80 to $190. A common problem in certain rooms of the home is drywall tape issues, including the need to repair the drywall tape seam. Drywall tape will often separate from the wall or ceiling in rooms with high humidity levels. The wall will first start to bubble before strips of the tape appear to peel off. A contractor is needed to help repair peeling drywall tape. They can remove the old adhesive and secure new taped sections.

What is drywall repair?

Drywall repair requires the services of a professional, such as a general contractor or painter. The selected professional should have experience using different types of drywall and compound to repair holes, dents, and other forms of sheetrock damage. A handyman drywall 2 repair cost may be all-inclusive.

How much does it cost to spackle drywall?

Expect to pay between $50 and $80 for a professional to spackle a small area of repaired drywall. Spackle is a different compound to use instead of mud 1 and is a better choice for small nail holes. Spackle has a faster drying time and won’t shrink significantly after application. Mud, on the other hand, is better for large coverage areas because of the longer drying time. Contractors don’t want mud to dry before the drywall area is fully repaired. Along with spackle, a contractor must sand and paint a repaired area.

How much does it cost to fix a hairline crack in drywall?

Fixing Hairline Cracks in Drywall with Caulk. The average cost to fix hairline cracks with caulk is between $50 and $80. If a small hairline crack has appeared in the wall, a major drywall repair may not be necessary. Instead, the painter or contractor may try a lightweight caulk to fill in the wall or ceiling.

Why does drywall crack?

Temperature changes are typically the cause of drywall cracks. Temperature changes cause the drywall to expand and contract—leading to stress cracks. A small crack may end up spreading throughout a wall or ceiling. Most contractors measure the size of the damaged area to give you drywall stress crack repair cost.

How much does it cost to fix a drywall anchor hole?

Fixing drywall anchor holes averages between $75 and $105 for labor and materials. A patch is needed to repair a drywall anchor hole after the hole is cleared out of any debris. Drywall anchor issues are common in homes. Drywall anchors are used for many household items, including paper towel holders, towel racks, and curtain rods. Holes can occur in a wall due to expanded anchors. Once the expansion occurs around the anchor, the piece is likely to become dislodged from the hole.

Why does drywall tape peel off?

Drywall tape will often separate from the wall or ceiling in rooms with high humidity levels. The wall will first start to bubble before strips of the tape appear to peel off.

Can drywall be damaged by water?

Whether you call it drywall or sheetrock, it is the material that appears on walls and ceilings in most homes. Even homes with paneling may have drywall hidden behind it, and there are different types of drywall available. It can be easily damaged by a water leak, nails, doorknobs, and even just bashed into and smashed. It can crack and dry over time, and a house settling can damage drywall.

Can you do small repairs?

It is possible to do small repairs, but as already noted, it makes far more sense to get some estimates from experts. They can make seamless repairs of any size and ensure that no further problems occur.

How much does it cost to repair drywall?

The bigger and wider the hole is, the more expensive drywall repair will be. Many builder-owners pay an average of roughly $75 per hour for drywall repair, but it varies based on professionals and region. Of course, bigger holes in drywall take longer to repair, and that means it’s more expensive.

How long does it take to repair a small hole in drywall?

Repairing small holes in drywall is quite common, and many homeowners have to do it at one time or another. You can usually expect a small hole in drywall up to 6” to take no more than 2 hours to repair. It can take longer if the drywall is hard to reach and there are obstacles.

How much does a 4x8 sheet of drywall cost?

Sheetrock and drywall are different in only one way, and that is cost. For example, a 4x 8 sheet of drywall costs $12-$16 but can cost as little as $7. Sheetrock generally starts out at $7 as well, and rarely costs more than $15 for a 4 x 8.

What do I need to repair drywall?

There are several things that you need to have on hand for DIY drywall repair, including: 1 Adhesive 2 Screws 3 Patch plaster 4 Drywall and masking tape 5 Drywall sheet (not always)

How much does it cost to repair drywall?

The cost of hiring a contractor to repair damage to drywall ranges between $292 and $845, or an average of $548, depending on the extent of the damage. However, regional pricing variations can also affect the cost of the repair.

How much does a drywall repair kit cost?

Kits cost between $10 and $30 each. Professionals will charge the rate of $60 to $90 per hour in addition to materials (which may be minimal). Cracks in drywall may be easy to repair, but will only return if they occurred because of foundation trouble.

How do I fix a small hole in a wall?

To fix a small hole in the wall, apply a patch that is slightly larger than the hole. Using a putty knife that is larger than hole's width, apply drywall mud to the patch, feathering the edges . Allow the mud to dry, then sand it until smooth. Paint over the mud when the job is finished.

How much does sheetrock cost?

However, these sheets generally cost more than its generic counterpart. An eight by four sheet is priced at around $11 to $15.

How much does it cost to fix a ceiling?

The overall average cost to repair a drywall ceiling is between $320 and $1,300. Labor for a basic ceiling patch job run at about $65 to $90 per hour. For a simple patch, materials and supplies may cost around $30, including tape, fasteners, and mud. Ceiling repair is best performed by a professional because physical strength and special tools (including properly sized ladders or even scaffolding) may be required. In addition, fixing high ceilings can be dangerous for an untrained professional.

What to do if your foundation cracks?

Homeowners who notice cracks may need to hire a professional to assess their foundation's condition. Contact a foundation professional for costs of foundation repair if other signs of foundation damage are noted, such as jammed doors or windows and cracks in the foundation.

How much does water damage repair cost?

Water damage repair may have its own costs in addition to the average hourly rate of $60 to $90 plus materials. For example, mold remediation may have a separate charge if professionals are needed to remove mold spores and prevent the spread of mold to the rest of the house. The average cost for mold remediation is $2,300.

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How much does a drywall repair kit cost?

If you have a small hole measuring just a few inches across, you can purchase a drywall repair kit from a home improvement store for $10 to $30. These kits usually include spackle, wall patches, a putty knife, and sandpaper. If you need to paint to match the surrounding area, you should add an extra $15 to $25 for a quart of color-matched paint.

How much does it cost to fix a hole in drywall?

Fixing a small hole in drywall is an easy project that costs $100 or less, whether you hire a professional or do the job yourself. If you have several holes to repair or more extensive damage that requires replacing drywall, you can expect to pay up to $1,100.

How much does a handyman charge to install drywall?

Handypeople are best for smaller projects and charge about $60 per hour. However, if you have extensive damage or need to replace entire walls, it’s better to call a contractor.

How much does a handyman charge per hour?

However, if you have multiple areas that need repair or you have extensive damage, you can expect to pay by the hour. Handypeople typically charge about $60 per hour, while contractors charge about $90 per hour.

Can shoddy repairs affect resale value?

In addition to looking bad, a shoddy repair can prevent you from getting back a deposit or affect the resale value of your home. Considering that the cost of bringing in a professional is relatively low, this is usually the better (and overall more financially sound) decision.

Can you repair drywall yourself?

When deciding between making drywall repairs yourself or hiring a local drywall installer, think about whether you have the skills and time to make a proper repair. Small patches are relatively easy, but larger ones may require you to cut out broken drywall to add a new piece .

How much does it cost to replace drywall?

The average cost to replace drywall is $2.5, coming in between $1.5 to $3.5 per square foot. This price includes the demolition cost of $0.40 to $0.50 per square foot.

How much does it cost to repair a water damaged ceiling?

The average cost to repair water damaged ceiling per patch is $342.5 with an average range of $285to $400. The cost of materials only is about $16, with a range of $15 to $17. This cost may vary depending on the location, project size, finish option and condition.

How do you know if drywall is damaged by water?

The most common signs include stains on the walls and ceilings, peeling or flaking of paint, soft or swollen/sagging walls, musty or stuffy smell in the house and mold on the basement walls.

Why is DIY repair so risky?

Although DIY repair jobs will save you lots of cash, they are risky because of injuries and accidents. Also, the job may take longer, and it may not have a professional look and feel. In addition, emergencies like water damage need experts because they are sensitive.

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